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Topdiode Bridge Rectifier Application Knowledge

Date: 2012-05-22

As we all know, bridge recitifier are widely used on different applications. Blow list some common bridge recitifier's application.

KBP sereis is widely used in the household appliances such as power adapter, LCD power supply, set-top boxes, cash registers, etc.

ABS sereis is widely used in micro ac rectifier circuits of electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, MP3 / MP4, multimedia console mini charger, LED mini lights, high-grade energy-saving lamps.

D3K sereis are widely applied in all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment, D3K is the most popular in Adapter, LED driver, HID driver, LCD Power Supply and CRT Power Supply.

4KBJ sereis currently the industry: Liquid crystal display (LCD-TV) industry, Chassis Power, Waterproofing system.

6KBJ sereis currently the industry:
1、Small appliances Cooker: GBJ1508、GBJ2008
2、Serve(Server control panel):GBJ2510
3、Professional power amplifier, mixer:GBJ2010、GBJ2510
4、High-power LED waterproof power supply:KBJ\GBJ1510

DB sereis now used in industry in which is a power supply adapter (phone charger), instrumentation (temperature controller, timer), LED waterproof power supply.

BR/KBPC sereis now used in Juicer \ Blender (BR3 \ KBPC6), electric tools (switch parts KBPC1 \ BR3 terminal, motor control part KBPC6).

The advantage of GBU has three points:
Thin appearance, easy to row circuit boards
Temperature effect is good
GBU is frame structure, good cooling performance and low comprehensive cost

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