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2021 Shortage and price raises - Topdiode & UF Capacitors provides solutions

Date: 2021-01-12

Components Market updates: Facing severe allocation and material shortage----Topdiode & UF Capacitors provides solutions

2021 may be a big challenge in our industry, for several causes explained as following. We want our customers to fully understand all the intakes and take smart actions to reserve & order at least 3~6 months consumption in advance to avoid shortage & increased prices.

Topdiode provides fast delivery solutions. Topdiode are the qualified supplier of Celestica, Flex, Delta Q, Sanmina

  • * Tantalum capacitors: most of items 2-4 weeks, some longer
  • * MLCC: 2 weeks delivery
  • * X1Y1 X1Y2 safety capacitors, X2 MKP CAPACITORS: 4 WEEKS
  • * Film capacitors, SMD E-cap 4 weeks
  • * Varistors and NTC 4 weeks delivery
  • * Diode, transistors, bridge, 4 weeks –10 weeks
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    Raw materials cost is raising

    At first, the raw materials shortage is becoming a bigger concern day by day now and pressure is already on the market: increased demand, static capacity, and industrial failures have come together to cause longer lead time, less availability and puts price pressure for key raw materials in our industry, and among all the copper foil that starts raising as a matter of fact. Demand for such is increasing from PCB and battery production for e-mobility, leading to an upward price pressure for copper foils as post lockdown pent-up demand starts to exceed capacity…

    Wafer shortage, consequence of the Trade War

    This one is definitely the most breaking news in the semiconductor market, and it will affect all makers on the medium term: on top of the increasing demand, SMIC and other non American foundries are « blacklisted » by the American semiconductor industry. On top of it, demand in the foundry market has remained strong in Q4 2020, as production capacities across the industry remain fully loaded, with the tight supply of wafer capacities leading to a price hike in foundry services, and subsequently driving up total quarterly industry revenue, according to TrendForce.

    These elements mainly explain why TI, NXP, STM, Microchip and some other makers are facing shortage of wafers. TSMC announced to all partners that the shortage will be faced and they can’t fulfill the backlog on time

    Weak transportation capabilities worldwide caused by virus

    Covid and its consequences still impacts the supply chain: only a low number of planes are flying, and the capabilities of the cargos are fully booked. Explosion of the pricing of the transportation, obviously leads to delays in the chain, and price raises in end products for the same reasons. This factor is not helping the recovery for smooth lead times.

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