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Switching Diode

Switching diodes are a single p-n diode in a discrete package. A switching diode provides the same functionality as a switch. It has high resistance below the specified applied voltage similar to an open switch, whereas above that voltage it changes in a sudden way to the low resistance of a closed switch. Switching diodes are designed to rectifier high frequency signals. Sometimes they are termed fast switches because of their capability to change status from forward to reverse quickly.

The switching diode is the most basic function of almost every electronic application. We offer below switching diodes:

Small Signal Switching Diode

Average Forward Current   Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage  
200mA 1N4148 DO-35 PDF
200mA LL4148 LL-34 PDF
150mA 1N4148W SOD-123 PDF
150mA 1N4148WS SOD-323 PDF
125mA 1N4148WT SOD-523 PDF
200mA MCL4148 MicroMELF PDF

Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode

Average Forward Current    BAV99 SOT-23 PDF
BAV17 BAV18 BAV19 BAV20 BAV21  
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