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Schottky Diode

A Schottky diode, also known as a hot carrier diode, is a semiconductor diode which has a low forward voltage drop and a very fast switching action. There is a small voltage drop across the diode terminals when current flows through a diode. A normal diode will have a voltage drop between 0.6 to 1.7 volts, while a Schottky diode voltage drop is usually between 0.15 and 0.45 volts. This lower voltage drop provides better system efficiency and higher switching speed. In a Schottky diode, a semiconductor–metal junction is formed between a semiconductor and a metal, thus creating a Schottky barrier. The N-type semiconductor acts as the cathode and the metal side acts as the anode of the diode. This Schottky barrier results in both a low forward voltage drop and very fast switching.

Topdiode offers different kinds of Schottky diode as below:

Schottky Diodes

  Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage
    20V 30V 40V 50V 60V 80V 100V 150V 200V
Average Forward Current 1.0A 1N5817 1N5818 1N5819            
SB120 SB130 SB140 SB150 SB160 SB180 SB1100    
2.0A SB220 SB230 SB240 SB250 SB260 SB280 SB2100 SB2150 SB2200
3.0A 1N5820 1N5821 1N5822            
SB320 SB330 SB340 SB350 SB360 SB380 SB3100 SB3150 SB3200
5.0A SB520 SB530 SB540 SB550 SB560 SB580 SB5100 SB5150 SB5200

Surface-mount Schottky Diodes SMD

  Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage
20V 40V 60V 100V 150V 200V
Average Forward Current 1.0A SS12A SS14A SS16A SS110A    
2.0A SS22A SS24A SS26A SS210A SS215A  
SS22B SS24B SS26B SS210B SS215B  
3.0A SS32A SS34A SS36A SS310A    
SS32B SS34B SS36B SS310B SS315B  
SS32C SS34C SS36C SS310C SS315C SS320C
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